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Design Optimization

New challenging technology for better lives

Civil engineers perform numerous analyses and designs of buildings, bridges, and geotechnical structures. They seek the final design that fits to the desired functions and is safe to occupy. Design optimization aims to get the most efficient designed products in some ways. Although we can not reach the optimal solution, the design optimization process still reveals more exciting solutions than our intuition does.

We have studied and researched applying design optimization and computational intelligence to real-world applications. This includes but is not limited to

  • redesign of structures to fit cost objectives & constraints

  • perform discrete optimization using Evolutionary Algorithm (EA) and Swarm Optimizations (SO)

  • Open API integration with SAP2000

  • multiple objective design optimization

  • optimum design for geotechnical structures based on site-specific conditions and construction method

  • Other Metaheuristic-based designs

  • Fast Optimization solvers using Fortran calling

  • design optimization of structural dynamic system 

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