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Geotechical Engineering Services

What are our jobs?

Geotechnical Engineering is a significant branch of civil engineering. It is considered a crucial part of most land development projects. In urban area development projects, the needs of land usage require geotechnical engineers to solve several challenging problems, such as

  • Deep excavation and top-down construction

  • Deep foundation design and construction

  • Consolidation analysis

  • Mat foundation design and construction


Also, for distant land development projects, some of the prominent geotechnical engineering problems might include:

  • Shallow foundation design

  • Settlement analysis

  • Slope stability assessment and stabilization

  • Retaining wall design and construction

  • MSE Wall and reinforced earth

  • Foundation on rocks


Our team employs numerical techniques like Finite Element Method, analytical and empirical methods to obtain safe and economical solutions for your projects.


RocScience Inc. (CANADA)

SLIDE 6.0, PHASE 2.0





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Explore the main pillar of project development

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Utilize the power of post-tensioning to build better concrete buildings

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