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Structural Engineering Design

What are our jobs as structural engineers?

Structural engineering is another central pillar of any project development. With over 20 years of experience, we can integrate modern analysis tools with special construction techniques like

  • post-tensioned concrete construction

  • precast concrete construction

  • structural steel and cellular beam construction

Our designs comply with Thailand's building regulations and international standard code requirements, such as ACI318-14, AISC ASD and LRFD, and ASCE 7-05.


Some more advanced structural engineering problems that are in our scope of interest are:

  • Design optimizations

  • Foundation & slab vibration analysis and design suppression

  • Inelastic analysis of structures

  • Seismic analysis and strengthening design

  • Construction sequence analysis

  • Failure analysis and progressive collapse prevention

  • Soil-Structure Interactions

  • Strengthening design of structures using CFRP and EPT* system

*External post-tensioning 

We believe in implementing up-to-date technologies with basic knowledge to create and deliver efficient design work to our clients. 


Computers and Structures Inc. (USA)


Seneca Structural Engineers Inc. (USA)


Inducta Pty Ltd. (Australia)


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Utilize the power of post-tensioning to build better concrete buildings

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Find out how we apply computations to defy the needs of land development

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