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Artificial Intelligence Applications in Engineering: Our Vision

Updated: Jun 3, 2023


At present, Artificial Intelligence for engineering design has evolved into a mature stage and is widely used among qualified professionals. Design optimization belongs to so-called Classical AI (against Statistical AI using machine learning algorithms). It relies on heuristic approaches in searching for optimal or near-optimal design solutions.

At ALPS Consultants, we have developed AI for engineering and businesses. Some of our main applications are

- Structural and Geotechnical design challenges

- Expert systems for structural strengthening design

- Risk simulation and reliability studies

- Meta-heuristic search applications in general, esp. Genetic Algorithms and Simulated annealing

The below figure presents a general flowchart for the design optimization process. We focus on applying Meta-Heuristic search algorithms and the Finite Element Package SAP2000.

Applying Meta-Heuristic search algorithms can be done as black-box without interfering with the analysis solver. This offers unlimited opportunities to optimize the problem upon the restriction of the analysis solver.



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