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Updated: Feb 23

This blog session emphasizes the applications in design optimization, especially in structural mechanics and geotechnical engineering topics. In most of our work, MATLAB* and its Optimization Toolboxes are primary study tools. They are considered a black box and then concentrate on problem formulation for various applications. Generally, we think this blog is our private laboratory to test and implement our knowledge. We are pleased to share with you what we have learned and developed.

Some of our interests are:

- Structured programming techniques

- GUI (App designer)

- Optimization toolbox

- Global optimization toolbox

- Mathematical optimizations

- Evolutionary algorithms and Swarm Intelligence

- Multi-objective optimization problems

- Connecting MATLAB to other software languages

- Applications in structural mechanics and geotechnical engineering

- Experiences in using optimization from our projects

See you soon in the following blogs.

*MATLAB is a trademark of MathWorks Inc.



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